Several years back during a visit to my Mom and Sister in Boca Raton, Florida, we decided to put on the glam and go to a hot night club. We all love to dance, including Mom, and this seemed just the thing to get me out of my social slump.

We ordered some drinks and were having a great time, when a very well-dressed man joined us, engaging in light-hearted conversation. When the talk paused, he asked if any of us were single. My Mother and Sister pointed at me, whereupon he asked me on a date for the following evening, to which I agreed.

He picked me up in a shiny new Mercedes and we went first to an upscale bar for cocktails. I excused myself and called my family to let them know my location. From there, we went to an exclusive restaurant located on the Intercoastal Waterway. We dined while watching yachts slowly cruise by, sun setting behind them -- a picture perfect backdrop. He was a fascinating conversationalist as he related stories of growing up in Samoa.

The evening was going swimmingly, until he suggested that we steal one of the yachts that was docked in the Intercoastal at the side of the restaurant. Stunned, I laughed and said, 'You are so funny!' Completely serious, he insisted he'd done this before, explaining that it wouldn't really be stealing since we would just take it for a joyride, then dock it further down the intercoastal where the rightful owner would eventually find it undamaged. Further, he insisted he'd done this before with impunity.

Wow, look at the time!' I was reeling as he drove me back to my family where I related my NEW 'worst date ever'.